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How to Be Bad: A Decision Select Novel - Michael La Ronn

This is a kind of ethical decision making game, blending humor and fantasy into an examination of selfishness and altruism. I think it would make an interesting book for young adults to discuss in a classroom, on the reasoning behind choices and the imperfect consequences. A colleague once said, the hardest choices are not between two evils but between two goods. The protagonist, a young attorney, has to choose between what is good for her self-interest, and what is idealistically or altruistically good, and the reader clicks on those choices to determine the next events in the story. I never read Choose Your Own Adventure Books as a kid, so this experience with choosing the story was new. I could read it again and make new choices and see different outcomes. For all I know, I might even get a different end. And that, I suspect, is the point of this book.