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Outstanding Female Leads

Betrayed - Donnell Ann Bell

The two strong women who carry this story, Irene Turner and Kinsey Masters, are some of the best characters I've read in a long time. And I’ve been reading some good books, so that’s says a lot. Irene is an original—independent, passionate, determined, and gifted with genuine humor. I want to know her and hang out with her. Kinsey is equally independent, deeply compassionate and loving. Both excel in their sports, Irene as a sharpshooter and Kinsey as a former soccer star, now a coach and teacher. The male characters are excellent also—especially the detectives Nate Paxton and Sammy Lucero—but the women steal the show.


The level of betrayal Irene endures is extraordinary. The mystery involves uncovering not only how her infant daughter was stolen from her at birth, but also murder and attempted murder—and another kidnapping. The intersection of Irene and Kinsey’s stories with Nate and Sammy’s efforts to take down a dangerous gang creates stay-awake-page-turning suspense. There’s also a touch of romance, believable and charming, perfectly fitted into the pace of the story, giving the reader a chance to catch her breath and even more reason to root for the characters.