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Wolf Whistle - Lewis Nordan

At times, the author’s language is like poetry. At other times, he enters so intimately into the mind of a violent racist the story becomes repellent. Sometimes there seems to be a plot and a sense of direction. At other times, there doesn’t.


In only one scene did the author write with what came across to me as respect and compassion for his characters, the aunt and uncle of the young black teenager whose murder is the raison d’etre for this rambling story. The victim himself, however, is turned into an all-seeing ghost. I struggled to endure scenes in the points of view of various white townspeople and could never decide if they were meant to be satirical or were exaggerated out of contempt. Whatever the case, I wanted to escape these people, but kept forcing my way through the book in case it got better.


Overall the only aspect of this novel I can recommend is author’s art of writing. He makes the South come alive in both its natural beauty and its historical human ugliness.


In a flight of magical realism, he devotes several pages to ancient buzzards that fed on the bodies of the dead in the Civil War. As a Southern ex-boyfriend used to say, that’s about as subtle as a train wreck. All in all, I would rather have read a nonfiction account of the events surrounding the murder of Emmett Till than this peculiar take on it.