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Thriller with Compassion

Bad Traffick - D.V. Berkom

Leine Basso, former professional assassin for a secret government entity known simply as the Agency, finds herself involved in desperate attempts to rescue Mara, a twelve-year-old runaway, before she’s trafficked into the sex trade. The topic is distressing, and you can feel that the author cares deeply about the issue. The victim is never shown in an exploitive scene, though often in danger, as she escapes her captors and struggles to stay free. Leine is once again working security in Hollywood, this time as a bodyguard for a naïve and gullible actor, Miles Fournier. He’s Mara’s idol, and after all the rough times in her life, all the betrayals by adults around her, she’s convinced he’s only the one she can trust to save her.


While Leine fights to protect Miles from apparent kidnappers and save Mara from the traffickers, she’s also haunted by false accusations about crimes she didn’t commit, and the temptation of a passionate relationship that should be off limits. Leine is tough as hell, a skilled fighter with weapons and in hand-to-hand combat, but she’s not heartless. Far from it. Berkom portrays Leine in all her complexity, including showing her as a mother.


The end is satisfying rather than too good to be true, happy for some characters and not for others. As always in Berkom’s books, the pace is compelling. She’s an author I can always count on, a master of her craft.


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