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Well-Orchestrated Mystery

Author Nupur Tustin casts composer Franz Joseph Haydn in the role of amateur sleuth, and does so with believable realism, creating a situation in which Haydn has no choice but to take on the role. Not only has his principal violinist disappeared, but the missing man has stolen some of Haydn’s unpublished new music. The plot grows more complex, entangled in political unrest and a love affair.


The working life and the social standing of musicians and their place in a royal court is a fascinating part of the historical setting. The book is full of original and intriguing characters, especially Haydn’s observant and difficult wife. Though she’s hard to live with, she provides valuable insight into the mystery. Finding her to be such a strong character, I would have enjoyed a little more description of her kitchen and her clothes (since she seems fonder of cooking and shopping than of her husband). I want to know her better, and hope to see more of her in future books in the series.


The author’s musical background—she is a composer herself—gives authenticity to the book. She strikes a good balance between the elements of a historical novel and a cozy mystery. The plot is unpredictable. Every time I thought I had the mystery figured out, along came another surprise, right up until the end. And the end is excellent. One of the best final lines I’ve read lately.