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Horror Meets Romance

Dead Roses: Five Dark Tales of Twisted Love - Jason Parent, Evans Light, Gregor Xane, Adam   Light, Edward Lorn, Mike Tenebrae

While all of the stories in this collection are well-crafted in plot, characters, and style, I enjoyed some more than others. My favorite was Love Lies in Eyes by Evans Light (though I would have liked it even better without the bit about the eyes). If you’ve ever felt that all the new lovers in your life keep turning into your ex, read this.


Jason Parent’s Eleanor is the most horrifying of this horror collection. There’s no supernatural element and no humor. It’s vivid and relentless. Panacea by Adam Light starts strong but I found the ending a little predictable. I had trouble relating to Cinder Block by Edward Lorn because of the layers of movie references, but I expect that most people have seen those movies and for them it would be a stronger story. It’s definitely disturbing. Gregor Xane’s Loving the Goat is every bit as bizarre and “who could have thought of that?” as his other stories. The weird depths of this man’s imagination are endless. I have a strange and powerful aversion to comic books—even reading about them is like nails on a blackboard—so I can’t say I enjoyed this, since it relates to them. But that’s my idiosyncrasy. It is written with his usual polish and originality.