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Art, Romance and Mystery

Double Duplicity (Shandra Higheagle Mystery, #1) - Paty Jager

The settings—art galleries, Shandra Higheagle’s ranch, and the town of Huckleberry—give this book plenty of color. Shandra is a strong character, and Detective Ryan Greer is complex and interesting. The plot moved quickly, and the list of possible suspects kept me guessing—and guessing wrong—who had committed the murder. As with any amateur sleuth mystery that works, Shandra has a serious reason to get involved in the investigation, and her collaboration with Greer is believable. The mystical touch from her dreams and her Nez Perce grandmother’s influence add a special flavor to the story though it’s essentially a traditional mystery. I thought Shandra made an incredibly unwise decision near the end, and so did everyone around her, but it wasn’t so foolish as to be unbelievable. I did want to yell at her, though—don’t go there. If you’re looking for a quick, tightly plotted mystery with a touch of romance, you’ll enjoy this.