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Original and Gripping Romantic Suspense

The Past Came Hunting - Donnell Ann Bell



            Melanie Daniels Norris is not the typical romantic protagonist. She’s an ex-con who has started over and successfully turned her life around. Then her past hits her all at once, from the release of the psychopath she testified against to an unexpected encounter with the cop who arrested her when she was seventeen. She’s now the widowed stepmother of teenager, and this sudden re-immersion in the troubles she hoped she left behind is the last thing she needs. Melanie has to fight for her safety and her stepson’s safety, just when she’d hoped that love and stability and a normal life were in reach. Bell shows varied points of view in exactly the right balance to create the maximum tension in both the romance plot and the suspense plot. Both elements of the story are interwoven fluidly, and the ending is a knock-out. The way Bell works Melanie’s past in prison into the crisis scene is perfect. I like finding an author I can count on. This is the second one of Donnell Bell’s books I’ve read, and I can say I’m a confirmed fan and look forward to reading more.