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A Strange Little Work of Art

The Hanover Block - Gregor Xane

The beginning is a little aimless, and yet interesting because of its language and imagery, and empathic engagement with the main character. Slow motion becomes like a Hitchcock film, suspenseful. Xane can make the ordinary seem both beautiful and creepy with his poetic, detailed awareness of everything. An old refrigerator stops humming as the protagonist passes, leaving an eerie silence. Birdhouses with famous faces and landmarks cast strange shadows like heads on pikes. The normality of suburbia, closely noticed, is abnormal. And getting more so. This is a strange book, but as always with Xane, strange in a way that works. The horror elements made me think of the consuming nature of craving and addiction.


Disclosure: I was a beta reader for this novella and wanted to read the final edition. I became a beta reader after reviewing another of the author’s works, not through prior acquaintance.