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Does He Really Hate Tennis?

Open - Andre Agassi, J.R. Moehringer

I don’t play or follow tennis, and neither does the friend who recommended Andre Agassi’s memoir. I may never fully understand people like his tennis-obsessed father, but the life of a player makes more sense to me now, and this intense story gave me insights into the mindset of a competitive athlete.


For a man who insist he hates tennis, Agassi does an impressive job of narrating key matches in a way that kept me in suspense and made me care about the outcome. His co-author (to whom he gives credit in the final page, but who declined being listed as such) undoubtedly had a lot to do with the overall flow and style of the book, but Agassi’s personality comes through as its own force, passionate and forthright. The only thing I disliked was his occasional tendency to choose anecdotes that serve no purpose other than to make someone else look bad. Otherwise, he tells a story that’s as dramatic as any novel, sharing his mistakes, his successes, and most of all his process of maturation as a man, not just a tennis star. The hero of this book, to me, is his trainer Gil Reyes. He saved a whole lot more than Agassi’s knees.